Kudamaloor school

Oh Mother the blessed. The holy messenger on earth
As a preacher and teacher  Thou hath enriched the souls
And hearts of thousands with knowledge.  Oh! Saint bless and lead us all in St. Alphonsa


To sow the seeds of love, respect, justice, quality, knowledge and wisdom in the minds of young ones committed to our care; to lovingly and tenderly nature the saplings till they bear abundant fruits. Thus the school hopes to bring up the children in the love of God and that of their follow men and grow in wisdom and strength for their own benefit and that of their family, community, country and humanity at large.


Established as a Christian Minority Educational Institution, the founding fathers hope to welcome one and all irrespective of caste or creed and to instill sound values in them, leading individual’s committed to its care by the Cognitive, Affective, and the Psychomotor Domains of the learner.

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St. Alphonsa Public School & Junior College, Kudamaloor
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