Kudamaloor school

Oh Mother the blessed. The holy messenger on earth
As a preacher and teacher  Thou hath enriched the souls
And hearts of thousands with knowledge.  Oh! Saint bless and lead us all in St. Alphonsa


The St.Alphonsa public school & junior college Kudamaloor is established in honor of St.Alphonsa, the first Indian saint officially canonized by the Catholic Church. The fact that St.Alphonsa is a native of Kudamaloor and a parishioner of St. Marys Forane Church Kudamaloor within the precincts of which the school is situated is itself a noteworthy factor. The saint must have walked around the same compound where the school is situated now and we walk on her footsteps. Later on, as a young cloistered nun, she moved to Bharanaganam and she was a teacher at vakkad

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St. Alphonsa Public School & Junior College, Kudamaloor
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